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TNPSC Exams - Methods of Preparation

How to Prepare for TNPSC General Knowledge Questions?
Tamil Nadu State Board Books are the basic text books for studying TNPSC Exams. These books covers approximately 80% of the questions in TNPSC General Knowledge Questions. Particularly, in Single Written Exams, like TNPSC-Gr.IV, Village Administrative Officer, Surveyor-Draftsman and Steno-Typist exams, these books are considered as the major source study materials for the preparation of the exams. Hence, the students have to read and revise the Tamil Nadu State Board Books to get the utmost results in the TNPSC group 4 exams. Otherwise, students may depend the study materials and Books which were prepared on the basis of State Board Text Books. The choice of study materials or State Board Text Books is according to the wish of Students.

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TNPSC General Science Preparations
In TNPSC Exams, the general science questions were asked mainly from 6th Standard to 10th Standard Tamil Nadu State Board Science Text Books and Physics, Chemistry, Biology of 11 and 12th Standard Text Books. The students should take more care on general science, hence it covers approximately 30 to 35 % question coverage. In 100 General Knowledge Questions, at least 30-35 questions will be asked from general science. If we have to quote particularly, 8-10 Questions in Physics, 10-12 Questions in Chemistry, 12-14 questions in Biology. Except two to three questions, remaining questions will be asked only from state board books.

TNPSC Indian History Preparations
The secondary importance goes to Indian History subject. Nearly 15 to 20 percent questions were asked from Indian History. The main sources are the state board books from 6th standard to 10th standard Social Science and the History text book of 11 and 12th standard. The more questions were asked from Indian National Movement. In Indian History and Indian National Movement, the role of Tamil Nadu should be understood by the students clearly.

TNPSC Indian Geography Preparations
In Indian Geography, 10 to 12 percent questions were asked. The main sources are 6 to 10th Social Science books, 11th and 12th Geography books. In this part also, the students have to concentrate on the part of Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu geography, location, rivers, physical setting etc. In recent days, the maximum questions on this part were taken from tamil nadu geography.

TNPSC Indian Constitution Preparations
Nearly 10 to 12 percent questions were asked from Indian Polity and Indian Constitution. For this subject, in addition to the Civics books of state board, the book "Indian Polity" (published by NICE-IAS) (Price Rs.100) is very useful. If the Students were well versed in Indian Constitution, it will be helpful to solve more questions in TNPSC Exams.

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TNPSC Indian Economy Preparations
With regards to Indian Economy, the main source books are 11th and 12th standard state board books. The students may also look into the newspapers for current economy. The students should be known the recent updates like, RBI Governor, Finance Minister, current Government Schemes, Indian Economical Organizations etc.

TNPSC Current Events Preparations
Two to four questions will be asked from current events. For this part, Dinamani, the daily newspaper is enough to prepare. In generally, 18 months current events were taken into account. In this heading, the students may take more concentration on Awards, Honours, Appointments etc.

TNPSC Maths Preparations
In maths subject, the problems/sums were asked from Class 7, 8, 9, 10 state board book. Now a days, 10 to 12 percent questions were taken from this subject. At least, half of the problems were asked from 7-10 books. Remaining half of the problems were asked in the head of mental ability. The students may depend on R.S.Aggarwal's Quantitative Aptitude book for mental ability, which covers all the major headings of mental ability.

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Special Focus on Tamil Nadu
The students should also take a note on mind, that 20 % questions will be surely asked froom Tamil Nadu only. So that, the students have to prepare themselves with regard to the welfare schemes, activities, current events, awards, general knowledge, ministers and chief ministers, economy, geography, history of TAMIL NADU REGION.

Miscellaneous Subjects
Except the above said all subjects, in other subjects like Commerce, Statistics, Hindu Religion, Logic, Ethics, Socialogy, Psychology, Philosophy, some questions were asked in recent exams of TNPSC. These miscellaneous subjects are for class 11 and 12 students. But in totally, 6 to 8 questions were taken in all these miscellaneous subjects. The students, some times cannot omit these subjects hence these are the main questions to fix the cut off marks in exams.

Books and Study Materials which Covers 95% questions
Books (about 80% questions covered)
Science - 6, 7, 8, 9, 10th std.
Physics - 11, 12th std.
Chemistry - 11, 12th std.
Biology - 11, 12th std.
Social Science - 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 std.
History & INM - 11, 12th std.
Geography - 11, 12th std.
Political Science - 11, 12th std.
Maths - 7, 8, 9, 10
Logic - 12th std. (Old)
Psychology - 12th std (Old)
Political Science - 11, 12th std.
Indian Culture - 12th std. (Old)
Ethics - 11th std.
GK Times (Tamil Monthly Magazine)
Dinamani (Tamil Daily Newspaper)

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